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countdown May 26, 2006

Posted by Perry in Madison Marathon.

Post has been relocated to this Joggling Site.



1. Wenditha - May 26, 2006

Hey buddy!! A big good luck to you with the marathon!! We’re pulling for you to get that world record. Hey, question fer ya…. you ever juggle with rubber chickens?? : ) I’ve got a picture of you and your lovely wife at May Fest. Check it out in my “Friends” photo album on my website. cheers! Happy running!

2. justyouraveragejoggler - May 26, 2006

Hey Wendy! Thanks for stoppin’ by the blog and the well wishes for the marathon. I don’t think I’ll be juggling the rubber chicken but I’m certainly going to bring him with for a few pictures and beers. Didcha ever see how he can party? Check it out here. http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/5658/127/320/chicken%2028.jpg

Love the blog by the way! Keep up the good work. If I could ever figure out how to put links on wordpress, I’d link to you.

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