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rain July 3, 2006

Posted by Perry in Training Tips.

Click here for joggling in the rain.


1. Sally - July 25, 2006

Hi – nice comments for rain training. We are in the middle of wet season here in Phils. We have a triathlon website here (www.extribe.com.ph) that my friends and I just started up a couple of months ago. Our next issue will be on training during rainy season. Hope you don’t mind… we may use some of the points you listed.

2. justyouraveragejoggler - July 25, 2006

Hello Sally,

Thanks for stoppin’ by and for the nice comments. I tried to load your website but for some reason it isn’t working. Feel free to use some of the tips in this post. And send some of your readers over here with a link to https://justyouraveragejoggler.wordpress.com

3. rudical_blues - September 7, 2006

hi,im from OnDaBag All-terrain MTB club,rudi lamco,its nice to read your article,jogling in the rain w/minimal sweat off-course.We in the club are used to ride w/the rain on the side,just to feel the wet landscape of the trail minus the sweat & crowd.We are 5 overnite riders who clinches & develop,finally to secure a trailbase.We are glad to hear from you,a rain joggler!

4. Perry Romanowski - September 7, 2006

Hello OnDaBag member! Riding in the rain on trails sounds tricky. Do you ever slip?

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