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Brooks Adrenaline July 5, 2006

Posted by Perry in Equipment Review.

shoe review on the joggler blog click here.


1. Just Your Average Joggler » 7 tips for running in the sand - August 22, 2006

[…] 4. Your feet will get wet and sandy (and so will your bean bags). When you’re joggling by the water, your shoes will inevitably get water on them. So you might not want to use that brand new pair of Brooks Adrenalines. Pull out one of your old pair of running shoes and use them instead. The water and sand you get in them won’t matter so much. There’s nothing worse than feeling grains of sand squishing around your socks during a race. And if you drop your juggling bean bags, wipe them off as best you can but it’ll take at least 10 minutes more of joggling to completely get rid of the sand. Nobody said sand joggling was easy. […]

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