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Snap July 13, 2006

Posted by Perry in Joggling life, Juggling Sites, Training Tips.

Juggling in a snap has been moved to the all new JYAJ.


1. Joseph T. Havlick - July 26, 2006

Thanks for the kind words! I’m glad that you mentioned that the site is fun – my main aim. The author here, Joe Havlick. I’m currently wearing my Rothman Institute 8K t-shirt, so I share your hobbies, I’ve just never joggled. I guess it turns some heads, eh? I think I’ll try it. I’m not as fast as your crowd, but it must be a rewarding accomplishment.

Please try the site again, it has undergone MASSIVE improvement. It was a beta site back on 7/13/06 – I think I remember that you were tied in with juggling.rec newsgroup when I asked for review by the jugglers. (Man, were they…honest). I’m releasing it now. I’m on Yahoo search!

2. justyouraveragejoggler - July 26, 2006

Hey Joseph,

Thanks for stoppin’ by. I will check out the improvements you made soon. Joggling is great fun and it really gives the crowd who comes to watch people run races something extra to look at and cheer about. If you can juggle, you can joggle.

3. Joseph T. Havlick - August 4, 2006

You’re welcome! My pleasure, I like your blog. Does this make you a bloggler?

I’ve linked your page:


Please let me know if you’d like me to alter your page description in any way.

Please check out my site. If you like it, I would be honored if you would link back to me:


maybe under “how to juggle”

BTW – Here’s my press release –

4. Just Your Average Joggler » In 30 days you can be a joggler too - August 9, 2006

[…] You should try a 30-day experiment yourself. According to Steve Pavlina it goes like this. Figure out something you’d like to learn, get good at, or just accomplish. Some simple task. Then commit to doing it for 30 days in a row. You only have to do it for 30 days. After that, you can just stop. But for 30 days, you have to do it. This would be a perfect experiment for learning to juggle. Check out the ’snap’ juggling method in my links or the Jim show method. Then commit to juggling at least 10 minutes everyday for 30 days. I’m sure you will find that after the experiment, you will be a much better juggler. Or you’ll hate it and never want to try juggling again. Either way you will have learned something about yourself. […]

5. Joe Havlick - January 14, 2007

JYAG – Great plan! I’ve taught lots of folks who were really struggling to learn juggling, and the ones who finally get it are the ones who stick with it on a consistent basis. I’ll admit that tenacity is THE most important aspect for a new juggler, but a program can help. If your readers need it: http://www.jugglingisasnap.org/

Here’s one for you. I’m signing up for the Philly Triathlon. I suppose I’ll leave three balls waiting for me at the final transition area! – Joe

6. Perry Romanowski - January 14, 2007

That’ll be great Joe! Let me know how you do. Next year I’ll be trying an Ironman Triathlon.

7. Joe Havlick - September 14, 2007

Perry – I finished my first two triathlons this year! Sprints @ Mt. Gretna and Philly. I also have a new juggling video, teaching beginners in about five minutes:


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