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ice cream scam? August 24, 2006

Posted by Perry in Nutrition, Training Tips.

This post has been moved to the McDonald’s Ice Cream scam page at the new joggling site.

Please stop by the new site and read all about the controversy.


1. Arcaner - August 25, 2006

I actually might be running the Scotiabank half as a training run so I might see you there. If I don’t, I’ll definitely be down there to watch. I LOVE McDonalds ice cream. I usually get a strawberry sundae and not a cone though. Makes me wonder why the shakes are such fat filled calorie monsters when the ice cream is relatively healthy by comparison.

2. isis - August 30, 2006

I’ve wondered the same thing; why on earth are the shakes so high in calories?

3. justyouraveragejoggler - September 4, 2006

I think it’s primarily because the serving size is much bigger (32 oz versus 3.2 ounces) If you ate 10 ice cream cones, that would equal the same serving size as one large shake.

4. Layth Hilwani - September 30, 2006

McDonald’s fries are like sponges to oil. If you open one and squeeze it you can see oil dripping down.

5. justyouraveragejoggler - October 1, 2006

And that’s bad because?

6. Juleen Carnes - October 12, 2006

I love McDonald’s ice cream too, but they seem huge, way more than 3.2 ounces or whatever the serving size is supposed to be. Maybe that’s why the CSPI measurement came back so high. I think you’re right, the serving size realy does depend on who is serving it.

7. justyouraveragejoggler - October 16, 2006

I love to go to the McDonalds where they make the ice cream cones huge! I still kid myself into thinking it’s 150 calroies.

8. WANda - May 5, 2007

Miccey D’s ice-cream is made from paper pulp!!!!!! Don’t cha know?

9. Perry - May 5, 2007

I doubt it, however even if it is, it tastes great so I’m gonna keep eating it. What’s wrong with paper pulp?

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