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marathon mistakes October 17, 2006

Posted by Perry in Training Tips.

marathon mistakes can be found at the new running and juggling blog, JYAJ.


1. Addicted to Juggling - October 18, 2006

i had my first running experience a few days ago during gym. I used up all my energy in the first few minutes. I was first for a while but then i started falling behind.

2. Arcaner - October 18, 2006

thanks for the info. I’ve been guilty of each of those at least once. Good Luck in Chicago. I hope you get your BQ!

3. redrun7 - October 19, 2006

14. Getting stuck in the gear check queue until two minutes before the race begins. My heart rate was 165 with stress, and I wasn’t even running.

15. Ducking and diving wildly whilst trying to hold pace amidst a congested and twisty first mile through Chicago’s city streets. I did that one myself – if you get held up at the start (which is almost certain, back in the pack) it’s always best to relax and use it as an opportunity to reach race pace slowly. Easy to say, but hard to do.

16. Drinking too much fluid in the last two hours before the race. A brief detour into Lincoln Park solves that one, but it won’t help your time.

17. Nearly accepting a beer which was offered at mile 23 when the wheels had already come off. It’s best to stick to Gatorade and drink beer later, however slow you’re running. At least I got that one right in the end, although it was a very close call …

4. justyouraveragejoggler - October 19, 2006

Great additions redrun7! That is so true about getting caught in the lines for gear check (or the bathroom). Thanks!

5. Brian Fahs - October 20, 2006

A question I’ve been wondering about. How do you handle water stops while juggling?

Do you A: Stop Juggling and drink?
B: Stop Running and drink?
C: Juggle 2 in 1 hand?


Brian Fahs

6. Perry Romanowski - October 24, 2006


Yes, I have to stop at the water stops, gulp some water, start juggling and then start running again.

I’ve tried throwing one up really high (8), gulp some water, catch the ball and keep going but I’m not that good…yet.

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