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shirt smell November 7, 2006

Posted by Perry in Training Tips.

post has been moved to the new joggling website.

Why does the shirt smell.


1. Wenditha - November 7, 2006

ha! So THAT is why Gus smells so bad. He wears the synthetic shirts too, and they reek up the entire house only after one time of him wearing it. Thanks for the tip!

2. Nick - November 8, 2006

I thought it was me having a problem! I do love these shirts though.

3. tigerfoster - November 8, 2006

Seriously…Glad you brought this whole thing up, I was getting pretty tired of smelling that crap all over me. It’s pretty gross to think it’s bacteria ALL over you that is making you smell. Yikes.

4. Arcaner - November 8, 2006

The Chicago marathon race kit had a sample of that sports wash stuff which is supposed to remove the odors. I don’t know how well it works, but you might want to try that.

5. justyouraveragejoggler - November 9, 2006

Good idea Arcaner. I typically use Wisk and that just isn’t cutting it.

6. visitor - November 19, 2006

i washed my nike shirt in fabreze detergent and the next day on the treadmill my sweat smelled like roses

7. justyouraveragejoggler - November 29, 2006

that’s a good tip. I’ll have to try it out. Incidentally, the Fabreeze detergent is probably the same as Tide because they are both made by the same company…P&G

8. Tigermomma85 - January 30, 2007

As the mother of a field hockey goalkeeper…. I know about oders and, I am happy to tell you , the removal of same. The synthetics, not just UA, have the same problem. To your laundry add 1/2 cup of laundry baking soda, 1 cup white vinegar (not white wine or apple cider type) and 1 cup household ammonia.
Also, remember everyone’s skin has a little different chemical balance and bacteria…. if oders are a consistant problem, you may want to consider occasionally using a stronger antibacterial cleanser such as Hibiclens, available from the drug store, in your shower.

9. Perry - February 1, 2007

Thanks for the tips Tigermomma! I’ll have to try that mixture the next time I wash.

10. Dawn - April 4, 2007

Thanks, Tigermomma, I’ll try your recipe . I recently ordered Penguin Sportwash through Amazon.com, and I’m hoping that will be helpful as well. On most shirts just a spray of white vinegar works great, but it’s not working on my Under Armor items.

11. guest - August 2, 2007

Been searching the net for ages…I recently bought my first dri-fit Nike top..I NEVER smell of Body Odour..I was thinking is it because Istarted a new sport (Capoeira) that makes me sweat..I was mortified…being a female who prides herself on bathing every night..fresh clothes every day if poss…
I was hand washing my top, letting it soak for a couple of hours then drip dry…it smelt good, but then I would get terrible offensive body odour..
Thanks for the site!!

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