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Donuts January 23, 2007

Posted by Perry in Nutrition, Training Tips.

the post has been relocated to the all new joggling site on the net.

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1. Wes - January 23, 2007

That’s pretty funny. Almost exclusively, for the past 15 years or so, I ate two meals a day. I then went to three meals, including sugar powdered donuts in the morning. I don’t eat the donuts anymore. I do eat five times a day. It seems to work for me….

2. Perry - January 24, 2007

5 times a day!! I’m lucky if I eat twice. Typically, I skip lunch so I can get a joggling session in.

3. terrance shea - January 24, 2007

Yeah man…donuts…love em! Not quite as much as the Peanut M&Ms but still they are up there up my post-marathon, junk-food binge list. Living in Boston makes totally giving up donuts difficult: around every corner is a Dunkin Donuts. Still, I have cut back over the years and I will admit that after LaSalle Bank Chicago 2006 I had not a single donut.

Back to the candy bars: snickers comes in at #3 in my top 10 but it is the first choice after a solid long run. I will even choose it over it’s “healthy” cousin, the Snickers Marathon bar.

4. justyouraveragejoggler - January 25, 2007

As far as taste goes, Snickers wins out for me. But taking other factors into account, I generall get the 100 Grand bar or the Take 5 bar. The Snickers Marathon bar pales in comparison to the real thing.

390 days donut free

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